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About Nerds in the Wood...


Nerds in the Wood is a resource for hikers, backpackers, geocachers and other outdoor technology users. We are into GPS, satellite communication, portable power, and ultralight gear. We exist to provide reviews of cool gadgets, helpful guides and other information to help you get the most out of your GPS and other outdoor devices. We want to inform you on the best techniques and technologies that can help make your outdoor adventures fun, exciting and safe.


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If this site requests location information, it is strictly in order to provide content you with whatever local content is available, like maps, weather, and localized advertising. We do not gather any specific information about visitors to our site other than generic data through Google Analytics. Any cookies created are for the convenience of the user. We have no desire to obtain personal data on our visitors.

We welcome comments, corrections, and suggestions. If you have any ideas on ways to improve this site, or requests for any type of information that we should include, please send them to feedback@nerdsinthewood.com.


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