VIRB Elite Action Camera by Garmin


The Garmin VIRB Elite Action Camera is a handheld video recorder with a built-in GPS, capable of making action videos with geotagging tracks. It keeps a GPS track simultaneously while recording 1080p video at 30 frames per second. For faster frame rates, the resolution is decreased. It runs about 3 hours on its internal rechargable NiMH battery.

The VIRB Elite features a 1.4" color screen and a wide-angle lens, with image stabilization. Wireless connectivity with WiFi and ANT+ is standard. It is resistant to shock and capable of being used underwater, with an optional dive case.

A cool feature is the ability to control it remotely. You can using an optional remote control, or over WiFi with a Smartphone and the Virb App, or using the ANT+ wireless connectivity with a Garmin GPS. It can take still photos while recording action with a push of a button on the VIRB or on the GPS.

The list price for the VIRB Elite is $269.00 US. To learn more about the VIRB Elite Action Camera, check out Garmin's Website.